Saturday, July 14, 2012

Truly reupholstered furniture.

Many times I am asked by customers if I re-tie the springs or replace the foam or cotton batting on their furniture. It is important to note that a good reupholsterer always takes the piece of furniture down to the frame. At this time, the frame can be inspected and when needed, can be reinforced or the joints can be re-glued. In addition to the frame, the springs are evaluated and replaced if broken or contorted in such a way as to be deemed unusable. The springs are then re-tied to created a nice long lasting seat. Springs in other areas of the piece are also evaluated and re-tied if necessary. Polyester, cotton batting and foam are replaced to provide a comfortable piece of furniture. I have had many pieces of furniture in my studio where there is one or two covers over the original. This piece has not been reupholstered, it has simply been recovered. The value of a truly reupholstered piece of furniture cannot be exaggerated.

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