Thursday, October 11, 2012

Real Simple Upholstery cleaning guide

I was delighted to read, in the November issue of Real Simple, 3 things pros know about upholstery. Whenever people buy furniture or have it reupholstered, it behooves them to inquire about the care instructions of the fabric. Fabrics come labeled as W,S,WS and X. "W" means that the fabric can be treated with water-based detergents, this is the easiest method of cleaning. "S" means that the fabric can be treated with only solvent based cleaners (the foam in Resolve foam cleaner on a clean cloth) It is important to try it out on a part of the fabric not seen to make sure there is no color transfer. "WS" means that the fabric can be cleaned with either solvent or water. "X" means that no solvents or detergents can be used.

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